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About The Book

Art Works introduces you to the issues, ideas, and themes that inform the world of art. You will learn to:

  • uncover trends and patterns in art;
  • understand connections, causes, and effects in art; and
  • recognize how and why the world of art changes or stays the same.

You will also gain an understanding of how artists express ideas and feelings as artworks, and how viewers respond to these ideas. Think of this book as a kind of art gallery tour that, when you finish it, will allow you to answer the often-asked question: “What is art?”

Issues, Ideas, and Themes




Art Works is organized into 26 short topics. Each topic focuses on a different important idea in art. Topics are self-contained and may be read in any order.

In each topic, you’ll see colourful, high-quality images of both professional and student artwork, particularly artwork by Canadian and contemporary artists.

Features of the Book

about-unitThe unit number and the main concept that each topic addresses appear at the bottom of each left-hand page.

about-captionImages are accompanied by the name of the artist, the title of the artwork, and the year it was created, when available.

about-keytermKey terms that are important to understanding topic concepts are highlighted in bold and defined in the glossary.

Reflecting, Responding, & Analyzing features give you an opportunity to analyze a professional or student artwork. Analysis Guide questions help direct your interpretation and evaluation of the artwork.

Creating & Presenting features guide you through the creation of your own project, which will tie in to the main topic idea. Your Project outlines your task. Activities of the Creative Process offers questions and prompts to help guide you through the various stages of creating an artwork.

The Creative Process Wheel is a visual reminder that the creative process involves several stages that can be followed in a flexible and fluid way. As you become more familiar with the creative process, you may move between stages or change the order of stages, as appropriate. Awareness and appreciation of the various stages are important, not the order or the number of stages you choose to follow.