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Emond has been publishing quality law school casebooks since 1978. Our trusted titles are authored by some of the most renowned legal scholars in Canada and cover a diverse range of legal subjects. Our goal is to serve the needs of Canadian students and professors by offering instructor resources, ancillary materials for students, affordable custom texts, and ebook versions of our casebooks. Additionally, all law school titles are available directly to you through our website, making it easier than ever to get the books you need at the prices you want.

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<a href='criminal-procedure-cases-and-materials.html'>Criminal Procedure: Cases and Materials</a><br /><span>by           
			<a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=665' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Christopher Sherrin</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=127' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Dale E. Ives</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=666' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Alexandre Bien-Aimé</a></span></a> <a href='kindreds-international-law-chiefly-as-interpreted-and-applied-in-canada-9th-edition.html'>Kindred's International Law: Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada, 9th Edition</a><br /><span>by           
			<a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=239' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Phillip M. Saunders</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=440' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Robert J. Currie</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=699' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Payam Akhavan</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=39' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Jutta Brunnée</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=171' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Ted L. McDorman</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=700' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Gib van Ert</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=701' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Frédéric Mégret</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=180' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Karin Mickelson</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=535' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Ikechi Mgbeoji</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=218' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Linda C. Reif</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=534' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Christopher Waters</a></span></a> <a href='environmental-law-and-policy-4th-edition.html'>Environmental Law and Policy, 4th Edition</a><br /><span>by           
			<a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=259' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>William A. Tilleman</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=152' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Alastair R. Lucas</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=714' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Sara L. Bagg</a>, <a href='authors/author-list.html?view=authorslist&layout=authorsbio&aid=715' style='color:#55646E;''underline''none'>Patrícia Galvão  Ferreira</a></span></a>


As one of Canada’s leading legal publishers, we know that law school can be demanding and challenging. Our goal is to provide students with quality, Canadian-made resources to help them succeed in their legal studies. With this goal in mind, we’ve expanded our law school resources to include more than just casebooks.

The Law Student Portal is a centralized database of resources, ranging from reference charts to course summaries, designed to provide law students with a variety of tools to help them excel. With the help of current and former law students, we’ve developed this curated database to include resources that are relevant, useful, and accessible.

Whether you’re just beginning your legal studies or entering your final semester, we are confident that you’ll find resources to help you navigate your way to success. Visit the portal here:

Law Student Portal


Emond Exam Prep offers resources for students preparing to write the Ontario Licensing Exams. These resources include practice exams, online and in-class preparation courses, free exam preparation guides, and access to a database of bar exam indices.

Planning to write the licensing exam this year? Start by reading the Comprehensive Bar Exam Preparation Manual.

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Many of Emond's casebooks are now available as ebooks. Can’t decide between print and digital? Emond offers a special bundled price for print and digital combinations, available exclusively at

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